Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Disliked. Very, very , very disliked.

Apparently, people aren't to accepting of the Citi "Very, very, very Rewarding" commercials. According to people polled in the USA Today AdTrack study, only 7% of respondents reported liking the ad, 52% said they disliked the ad and only 8% believed the ad was effective.

The campaign aired during the holiday season to showcase how easy it is to pile on the points with Citi's holistic rewards approach. From what I can tell, Citi's reward program and long list of services are respectable. The ads are one part of Citi's agressive consumers marketing campaign. Other growth tactics include:

• New financial products, such as its online Citibank e-Savings.
• More branches.
• Expansion into new markets, such as Philadelphia and Boston.
• More one-stop shopping, such as putting Smith Barney brokers in some Citibank branches.

Obviously, Citi isn't suffering a decline in profits due to overspending and under performing. Fourth quarter profits were up 14%. What I wonder is how effective Citi customers found the ads? I don't know this for sure, but if one of the campaign's goals was to get current customers to use more products, then the strategy makes sense, regardless of what a random sample of survey respondents said. Maybe they didn't get a lot of new customers, but if the ads spoke directly to current customers showing them how easy it is to improve their banking experience, then, maybe it worked.

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