Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Briefcase Racer

I remember playing with crappy electric car race tracks when I was a kid. They were usually good for a couple of rapid laps around the track before one of the two plastic racers flew off into the wall. Always a good time. While browsing Geekdad (whether you're a dad or not, I recommend the blog, lots of funny, geeky stuff) I came across something amazing: a briefcase go-cart race track from Pro-Idee.

According to Pro-Idee, the briefcase racer will be "The new topic of conversation at your office and an amusing passtime during long train trips."

If your looking for a fun way to NEVER achieve anything productive in a meeting again (or, at least until everyone gets tired of their car flying off of the track), I think I have found the perfect tool.

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