Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The ol' bait & switch

In college I remember hearing a story about a sewing machine retailer that used an ad featuring a machine at a very low cost. The retailer was looking for an easy way to get people through their doors. Once in the store, customers were informed that the hella cheap sewing machines were sold out. Sales people would inform them about more expensive machines and begin to up sale.

Who doesn't want a good deal on a sewing machine? Lately on YouTube there are a few videos using viral bait & switch, claiming to contain celebs such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson in less than flattering positions. Users, most likely young males, hoping to get the inside scoop on a hot piece of gossip are disappointed. Instead they see a commercial or some teenager talking about how he will annoy everyone, etc. Here's some examples:

and there's this...

Unlike the sewing machine incident where people probably figured out what was going on and left the store, the comments under the videos reveal that people seem to be sticking around. They're interested despite being lied to. Viewers know it's going to be fake, but they view the entire video, comment and analyze anyways. Thought it was interesting.

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